A guide to Visiting Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is probably a lesser-known place for you but this country is surprisingly awesome. In fact, we never considered it as a destination until we’ve seen traveler coming over this beautiful country. So if you’re wondering whether Zimbabwe deserves a spot on your bucket list, we have made some common Q and A for you to read. Check this out.

Is it safe?

Of course. Zimbabwe is one of the safest parts in Africa but you still need to take usual precautions one would do in any city.  We’ve been here for a while and we can definitely say that we have never ever felt threatened or unsafe.

How can I get around?

The concept of public transport in Zimbabwe is quite thin. You can hire a taxi or rent your own vehicle so you can go anywhere you want and save a little on fare. The roads are fairly good, which means it is easy to drive. If you want to visit the zoo, the best ride would be a 4WD vehicle.

Are there ATMs in Zimbabwe?

You really don’t want to use the ATMs here since you cannot withdraw in USD. We suggest that you bring some cash in your pocket in small amount.

How can I communicate?

Zimbabwe has a high standard of education and almost here speaks English so it is very easy for you to get around. The locals can speak English fluently which means there are no language barriers. Absolutely, there is no stress about the language and that is a total bonus!

Where should I stay?

Fortunately, there is an abundant of options when it comes to accommodation in Zimbabwe from luxury to budget-friendly. We strongly advice that you search for places online and book in advance so you can have a space to rest after your flight.

Is there internet in Zimbabwe?

Of course, yes! Mobile coverage in Zimbabwe is quite good and it is also the easiest place to  buy a sim card. On your arrival, you can find some stalls at the airport where you can buy a sim that you can use while you are in the country. Most hotels also have Wi-Fi so you can still connect with your friends and family when you’re here.

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