6 reasons why you spend your vacation in Iceland

If you’re looking for a magical tourist country to add on your list of Must-travel worldwide destinations, Iceland is a perfect option worth considering. While the name Iceland suggests that it’s a cold and freezing country with unending sheets of ice and snow, Iceland is more than that.

There are so many fun attractions in Iceland, especially if you’re adventurous. As well, the locals are warm and welcoming, so you can confidently pack without worrying that your trip may be a disappointment – trust me, it won’t! Anyway, once you land in Iceland, here are 6 top attractions that you can’t miss out on. 

  1. The mountains 

For adventurers, the mountains are enough reasons why you should visit Iceland. Iceland is full of mountains and peaks that offer a beautiful cherry-on-top view of the magnificent landscape. 

Most mountains are as a result of volcanic activity – they are made up of rhyolite rocks. The mountains have multi-colored glass comprising of green, pink, brown, purple, black, and yellow. For top adventurers, you should check out mountains far away from the city. 

  1. Glaciers 

Iceland is a land of glaciers. In fact, 11% of Iceland is covered in glaciers – there are over 4,500 square miles of glacier. For the best views of glaciers, you should take a cruise. As well, you can take a walk or ice-climbing tour of Ring Road or on Solheimajokull glacier. 

  1. Breathtaking Waterfalls 

Waterfalls are a major tourist attraction in Iceland thanks to numerous peaks and slopes on the land. Here, you experience both small waterfalls – probably water dropping over lava rocks as well as high and super-powerful waterfalls. Some of the prominent waterfalls to check out include the Svartifoss, Háifoss (400 feet), Gullfoss (105 feet), and Seljalandsfoss along the South Coast.

  1. The Aurora Lights 

You can also visit Iceland if you want to witness the amazing northern lights. The Aurora Borealis features mesmerizing sight of purple, green, and pink skies dancing in the night. You can watch the lights on the outskirts of Reykjavik or go further towards the north, where the lights are more intense. 

Borgarnes and Westfjords are also perfect spots to try. The best views of the northern lights happen between September and April – the sky is darkest. Iceland also features bright summer nights from May to July. 

  1. Black Beaches 

While Iceland is quite cold for water activities, it has some incredible black pebble beaches that are surrounded by basalt cliffs and gigantic rock formations. You can check out the Diamond Beach of Breiðamerkursandur and the Djúpalónssandur on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. 

  1. Amazing food 

You can’t leave Iceland without having a taste of its mouth-watering cuisines. Even though you’re not adventurous as far as food is concerned, you will enjoy the Icelandic diet of dairy, lamb, and fish. Don’t miss to taste some of the famous dishes such as skyr and hangikjöt. 


The truth about Iceland is that it’s a magical city with numerous attractions. Besides what we have covered about, make sure you check out other places such as Hallgrímskirkja (Iceland’s 1st church) and volcanoes ( Þríhnúkagígur magma chamber).

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